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Parker Brothers Roofing specializes in residential and commercial roofing in Oklahoma, as well as seamless guttering. With over 30 years in the industry, Gary Parker and his company have earned the respect of many insurance companies, roofing contractors, and roofing supply companies. Parker Brothers Roofing has also achieved the status of a Master Elite Roofing contractor for GAF.

Choosing the right contractor to handle your roofing project is a big decision. We are proud to have over 4500 satisfied Oklahoma homeowners and businesses that have chosen us to handle their roofing projects.

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Double Pane vs Triple Pane Windows

Are you building or renovating a home and trying to decide between double pane windows or triple pane windows?

What You Need Helps with What You Pick

Before making a decision, know what you want from the window. Replacing legacy single pane windows and want more soundproofing for your home? Or is improved energy efficiency at the top of the list?

Energy Efficiency, the most Popular Concern

Both double pane windows and triple pane windows improve energy efficiency over old single pane windows. Energy loss in some parts of the States can be responsible for up to 15 to 35 percent of a home’s heat-loss during the winter. With Oklahoma’s blazing hot summers, keeping heat out is just as important. Replace single-pane windows with double pane or triple-paned assemblies and you will see a marked energy efficiency improvements.

So Which to Pick

Tackling the question on which windows, double or triple pane, are better is not so simple and largely depends on what you want those windows to do. Compare some pros and cons before making your decision.

Pros and Cons of Double Pane or Triple Pane Windows

Double-paned windows

  • Pros:
    • More energy efficient than single pane windows, reducing energy loss through the window by as much as 50 percent.
    • Cost less than triple pane windows.
    • Lighter construction allows for lighter support construction.
    • More light flows into rooms due to only 2 panes vs 3 panes of glass.
  • Cons:
    • Less energy efficient than triple pane windows.
    • Less resilient than triple pane windows.

Triple pane windows

  • Pros:
    • More energy efficient than double-paned windows.
    • More impervious to condensation.
    • Extremely durable owing to their heavy construction.
    • Safer due to their durability.
  • Cons:
    • More expensive. Will eventually pay for themselves but it might take 10-20 years as their energy savings over double-paned glass are small.
    • Heavier than double pane windows requiring more support.
    • Decreased transmission of light into your home than double pane windows.

Decision Time

Which to buy depends on many factors like how long you will be in the house, how much light you want in your home or even how strong the construction of your house is.

Consider how the inside pane of glass feels when the weather is cold outside. With triple pane windows, the inner pane tends to feel warmer, making you feel warmer.

Triple Pane vs. Double Pane Windows for Noise Reduction

Noise-reduction is minor for both window types. As long as you are not next to railroad tracks, many homeowners, however, have found that triple pane windows help with noise reduction. If you want a quieter window and are ready for a dramatic increase in price, consider laminated glass. It is much more effective at eliminating unwanted noise.

Hopefully, this helps you make a more informed decision on whether to use double pane windows or triple pane windows for your home. If you have more questions, give us a call at Parker Brothers Roofing at 405-741-6252 and we’ll try to give you a hand.

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Handling Roof Repair after the Storm

Ease some of the hassles with 8 tips on what to do for hail damage roof repair and insurance claims.

April showers bring May flowers. In Oklahoma though, those spring “showers” are often wind-wrapped, deluge-dumping thunderstorms pummeling May blossoms — and roofs — to bits. While flowers may grow back, roofs never do. Hail-damaged roofs require repair, which means roofing contractors, insurance claims and … well … just plain hassle.

To ease the potential hassle follow these tips on do’s and don’ts and what you should expect should you need hail damage roof repair.

Don’t assume you need hail damage roof repair just because your neighbor’s roof suffered damage.

Newer roofs are more pliable and flexible and don’t tend to take hail damage quite as easily as older roofs which become more brittle over time. So while two houses may be right next door to each other, the one with the older roof is going to get hail damage much more easily than the one with the newer roof. But if you are concerned that you might need hail damage roof repair, get it checked.

Don’t file hail damage insurance claims before getting your roof inspected.

Have your roof inspected by a licensed roofing contractor first. File a claim only if and when the inspection reveals damage. Making a claim against your homeowners insurance and having the adjuster just comes out, even if you don’t have damage, can end up harming your homeowners’ coverage.

Only call an Oklahoma-licensed roofing contractor to inspect your roof.

Beginning in 2014, the state of Oklahoma began requiring roofing companies operating in Oklahoma to register with the Oklahoma Construction Industries Board for a license. Among other things, licensing means the contractor carries liability and workers compensation insurance. This protects you in case of home damage during the roofing process or, say, a member of the roofing crew falls off your house. If the contractor doesn’t have that insurance, technically they can claim that against your homeowner’s insurance.

Additionally, licensing ensures that contractor is not a fly-by-night, out-of-state roofing operation with unenforceable warranties. To verify a roofing contractor’s license, look for their license number on their marketing material and their vehicles and look them up on the state licensing website at

Make sure the roofing company is experienced.

In the same vein as checking their Oklahoma license, you want to ensure your contractor has been around a while and has a good reputation. Look at their reviews on Google and check them out on with the BBB. Don’t be afraid to go to your grandmother’s house and look in her oldest phonebook to find the roofing contractors name. If they check out, give them a call. Any quality roofing contractor will give you a free inspection, take pictures of any damage, share them with you and let you know if you have enough damage to call an adjuster.

Plan on your contractor climbing on your roof to complete your roof inspection.

Expect anyone doing hail damage roof inspections to spend anywhere from 10 to 45 minutes searching for damage, depending on the size of your house. If someone comes to your door and says, “Oh, I spotted from the road that you have hail damage,” don’t take their word for it. It’s incredibly hard to see hail damage from ground level. They’ve got to get up there, do the legwork and do an inspection. When they do an inspection, ask them to take some pictures of that damage and show you when they come down. Remember not everyone in the neighborhood will need hail damage roof repair.

Ask your roofing company if they will work with your insurance company.

A good company will cooperate with your insurance provider to make the repair process as seamless as possible for you. If your contractor examines your roof and determines you should call your insurance, they should be willing and happy to meet the adjuster on the roof and show him the damage.

Don’t pay until the work is done.

Your contractor should know exactly what’s happening concerning insurance coverage and what’s going to be paid. There is no reason to pay anything for your roof repair up front. Any roofing contractor worth their integrity is not going to need that money to preorder your materials. They are either going to have that material in stock or orderable. They will only have you pay once you’re satisfied with the job.

Expect your roofing contractor’s work to be quality and clean.

You are hiring someone to fix your roof, not to destroy your surrounding property. The lawn, the flowerbeds and driveway should be as clean as they were before the roofers showed up. Don’t be afraid to ask your roofing crew to lay down tarps over flowerbeds or around the roof perimeter. Tarps catch all the debris then after the job, have them go around with nail magnets. This should catch what tarps missed. Cleanup is very important, not only for the aesthetics, but more for safety. You don’t want your children stepping on a rusty nail and going to the emergency room. Before your roofing company calls your job complete and you hand them the check, make sure the job is done. If it’s not, call them back to make it right.

Replacing a roof is never fun. Hopefully these tips will ease the process and save you a lot of aggravation and hassle. For as they say, forewarned is for forearmed. Have you recently had storm damage? Are you looking for hail damage roof inspection before placing an insurance claim? Give us a call, 405-741-6252 or schedule a free estimate online.

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