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Parker Brothers Roofing specializes in residential and commercial in Oklahoma

Experienced Roofing Contractor

Parker Brothers Roofing specializes in residential and commercial in Oklahoma

5 Advantages of Residential Vinyl Siding

Have you thought about having vinyl siding installed at your home? There are numerous advantages to installing vinyl over standard wood siding. Here are a few reasons you should consider choosing vinyl:

1)   Energy Effecient

If you are concerned with high utility bills, start by making sure your home is energy efficient. When looking at building materials, you want them to have a high R-value. For instance, brick has a value of around .44 and wood siding values come in at .81. However, insulated vinyl siding has R-values of 3.0-40. This is an incredible improvement and will be helpful for energy savings at your home.

2)   UV Protection

Did you know that some vinyl siding has sunscreen in it? Titanium dioxide is regularly used in sunscreen. It works by reflecting UV radiation away from you. You can now find siding that contains this same UV protection directly in the product. The sun’s UV rays are reflected away reducing solar heat build-up from your home and preventing damage. This also keeps the color of your siding from fading.

3)   Weather Resistant

According to FEMA, properly installed vinyl siding can “withstand wind pressures equivalent to 110 mph on a building up to 30’ in height.” This makes it a good material for not only coastal areas with hurricane concerns but also here in the Plains states where severe thunderstorms are a normal occurrence. Vinyl is also water-resistant and can hold up against blowing rain, snow, and ice.

4)   Less Expensive

Vinyl siding is much more affordable and reliable than wood. This is one of the reasons that vinyl has become so popular over the past few years. On average, this type of siding can be half the price of wood. It is easier to install, so labor is also decreased. Termites, carpenter ants, and woodpeckers will not affect vinyl. Today’s vinyl siding is durable for 40 or more years.

5)   Easier Maintenance

Tired of painting your wood siding every few years? With vinyl siding, this task is a thing of the past. Occasional cleaning is all that’s needed! If you’re seeing spots of mildew or dirty areas, a vinyl cleaner solution can be applied with a soft-bristle brush. Start at the bottom and work your way to the top making sure to rinse well.

A well-maintained exterior offers curb appeal as it enhances the look of your home. Today’s vinyl siding comes in many styles and colors. It is also more durable than similar siding of the past. While there are always pros and cons to any building material, the positives of vinyl siding should not be overlooked.

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